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Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 - Ford

The original generation of 2017 Ford Thunderbird was launched in 1954. It is the icon of an American car with tradition and solidity to make it much more different than the other sports car at this current time. Surely we cannot wait to see this car because a lot of rumors mentioned for its new concept.

The presence of 2017 Ford Thunderbird for Americans is quite important. It has timeless classic design as the part of cultural heritage presented by Ford for automotive history. With the new era, the new concept will help the car to follow the current trend. It will be excellent and dynamic cars for future that has more improvements for more modern look.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Concept

2017 Ford Thunderbird for the new concept is built based on the old models from 1995 to 1957 and 1961 to 1962. Those old models will be simplified into a new and modern design. Based on our reliable sources, it is possible to get around side windows, windscreen frame, aluminum endings headlamps, round headlights, fog lights, taillights and the Thunderbird emblem on the front hood. For its concept, it shows you about simplicity and it was explained by J Mays as the Ford Vice President. With the conventional approach of the 50s that is combined with modern details, we are pretty sure that the car will be very unique.

2017 Ford Thunderbird is also mentioned by some unofficial reports to go with a persuasive design with the relaxing atmosphere inside. The front part is a bit higher than the rear. It is featured with 18-inch and eight-spoke alloy wheels to offer real sporty design. It will also build with round headlights and fog lights. The removable hardtop is completed with round rear window that is basically borrowed from the original design. Another original design is the oval front grille made of aluminum. Two beautiful lights added at the front bumper with the longitudinal opening cooler. The front intake port is very functional with the cosmetic improvement.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Interior

2017 Ford Thunderbird also has beautiful bodywork. It will be built from modern materials in two past colors. The seats are designed with black leather while panels are covered with black leather and yellow stripes as well as aluminum. The dashboard has a sporty design in turquoise color. The steering wheel rim and steering rever have black leather cover. Its instrument panel and storage box are in yellow.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Price And Release Date

It should be about 42,000 dollars for the 2017 Ford Thunderbird with the expected release date in July of 2016.

New Ford Thunderbird 2017 Pictures

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