2018 Tesla Roadster Interior, Specs, Price

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 - Tesla

2018 Tesla Roadster will cherish the market of the electric car market. It is predicted that the market for this electric cars will grow faster than it is in almost all car markets. So, the company has made any improvements in this car in order to get the high sales rating. This car has its point that there is still plenty kinds of electric car that is very efficient in its using. So, it becomes one of the strengths of this car.

2018 Tesla Roadster Exterior And Interior

Let’s now talk about the design of this 2018 Tesla Roadster. The last model is about 10 years later which means in this car the model and design of this car will be very different with the previous model. The body shape of this car will be the same as the previous model which is the coupe car with the low nose, low hardtop roofline, and the signature rear end. The differences will be found in the air intakes, light graphics, and something in front of this car. Then, inside of this car will be about the cabin of the car. Even though the size of the touchscreen will be smaller than the S type but it is because this car is the spot car that does not need any like it. The seats will be covered with leather along with the carbon fiber accents. For now, inside of this car is still in process of making.

2018 Tesla Roadster Performance

There are some changes in the underhood of this car. The new 70 kWh lithium-ion battery pack will be equipped with this car. It will be able to make this car driven to the 400 miles in range. The company plans to equip this car with better battery pack and starts to provide 85 kWh units or larger. This car only needs few times to recharge the battery because its engine that can go around 400 miles or even larger than it. This reason becomes one of the best most reasons to buy this 2018 Tesla Roadster.

2018 Tesla Roadster Release Date And Price

According to the previous model of this car, the price of this car will not be more than $100,000. It is expected that this car will have price start from $82,000 or even less than it. The release date of this car is not known yet but one for sure this 2018 Tesla Roadster is really worth to wait.

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