2018 Chevy Bolt For Sale; Mini SUV and Electric Car

Emission standards become interesting points that make many car manufacturers find solution for it. In this case, some manufacturers develop non fossil-fuelled cars. There have been some products of cars moved by battery and it seems that the responses are good. In this case, it seems that Chevrolet does not want to be audience only, that is why there is 2018 Chevy Bolt as the new car from Chevrolet to deal with the emission standard. This car can be categorized as a special car because this is a new car and there is no previous series of Chevy Bolt.  Of course, this can be interesting points to see since this car will draw people’s attention. People will be interested to see what this can offer.

2018 Chevy Bolt For Sale, Price

In this case, it seems that Chevrolet wants to make 2018 Chevy Bolt as one of the best cars for its class. About the design of this car, new Chevy Bolt is a type of a crossover. Specifically, it is a small family crossover. The design of crossover is predicted to get more attention since people are more interested in the crossover lately. About its release date, there is still no confirmation from its manufacturer. However, it is predicted that this car will be ready on the show in the first quarter of 2017. About its price, it is predicted that the car will set around $30,000.

2018 Chevy Bolt Engine

2018 Chevy Bolt is predicted to be good electric car. It is said that the battery can last up to 200 miles. However, some speculations said that this car will have 200 horsepower of electric motor and it will be ready for 220 up to 250 miles. For its performance, this car can run from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds and the top speed of this car is 91 mph. It may not be a fast car, yet it is not fair to call this car as a slow car. It is quite good enough, especially for its price and its technology. Moreover, battery of this car can also be charged quite fast.

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